22nd UK Academy for Information Systems International Conference

4th-5th April 2017, St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

Ubiquitous Information Systems: Surviving & thriving in a connected society

In the current Information Systems (IS) context, ubiquitous digital connectivity can be seen in the indispensability of the Internet for ‘digital natives’ and the rapid uptake of wearable and nearable devices as well as augmented and virtual realities. Transformative technologies have created a rapid impact on almost every aspect of our social and working life due to their ubiquity, pervasiveness, and portability

These technologies can radically alter the nature and scope of social interaction. Political, media and product campaigns are now run through multiple digital channels with protagonists seeking to interact and engage in conversations with their voters, users and customers. For those that are connected, the opportunity to share our individual voice has never been greater. But does that mean the voice of the non-connected is drowned out? That the 2016 UK Brexit referendum was significantly swayed by older voters (over 60) provided a timely reminder that ‘digital immigrants’ and the non-connected still exert considerable influence on contemporary society. IS researchers are uniquely positioned to understand how to integrate diverse technological, social, and managerial issues arising from such ubiquitous IS environments.

The Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society (JICES) aims to promote thoughtful dialogue regarding the wider social and ethical issues related to the development, implementation and use of new media and information and communication technologies. Selected papers at UKAIS 2017 will be considered for inclusion in a special section of a regular issue of JICES. We have also secured a Special Issue of the journal Online Information Review, and a further selection of papers will be picked for this.

Papers addressing the Conference theme are particularly welcome, although submissions addressing any area of the IS field will be considered for inclusion. We also particularly invite developmental and full papers that debate and reflect on the progress and future prospects of the ubiquity of information systems.

The UKAIS conference is the premier academic event in the Information Systems calendar within the UK, and attracts leading scholars from the UK and overseas. It is a charity, whose aims are to enhance the recognition and knowledge of IS within the UK, and to provide a forum for discussing issues in IS teaching and research. UKAIS recognises the importance of including practitioners in its work.

Illustrative topics include:

•    Artificial Intelligence systems
•    Bridging the Digital Divide: emancipatory IS
•    Business Intelligence and Decision Support
•    Business Process Management
•    eBusiness and Competitive Strategy
•    Economics and the Value of IS
•    eGovernment Solutions to the Citizen
•    Enterprise Systems
•    European and Cultural Issues in IS
•    Healthcare Information Systems
•    Human-Computer Interaction
•    Information and Enterprise Content Management
•    Innovation in People Supporting Activities (e.g. health care, schooling)
 •    Innovative Applications of IS in Teaching
•    Inter-Organizational Systems
•    IS Artefacts and IS Artefact Design
•    IS Diversity and Diversity in IS
•    IS Governance and Sourcing
•    IS Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion
•    Project Management and IS Development
•    Research Methods and Philosophy
•    Service Engineering and Service Management
•    Social Media
•    Technologies to Promote a Healthy and Secure Society
•    Ubiquitous and Mobile Information Systems

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